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Please confirm attendance in AIMS >> Student / Alumni Services >> Confirmation of Congregation Attendance during 23 September - 20 October 2019.  The screen-shot steps show you how to do it.

You can get two guest tickets for both University-wide Congregation and College/School Graduation Ceremony.  Tickets for the two ceremonies will be sent separately through your contact information given to the University.  Please make sure your contact email, phone number and address in AIMS are up-to-date.

For the Congregation held in HKCEC, graduates of the same award (except PhD graduates) will be assigned to a range of seats.  Free seating is permitted within the designated seating range.  Whereas for the College/School Graduation Ceremony held in CityU, each attending graduate is allocated to a prescribed seat number.

Check AIMS a few days before the date of the respective ceremonies for your allocated seating range/seat.  Please make reference to the layout plans (Hall 5BC, HKCEC WCLHY Hall, CityU) for easy location of your assigned seating range/seat.


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