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Academic Dress Design

Academic Dress 


Black gown, a black mortarboard cap with a black button and tassel.


The gown has a large slit in each sleeve. When wearing the gown, the arm should go straight through the sleeve and not through the slit in the sleeve.



Black hood which is silk edged with different colour of the hood edging and lining distinguishing the discipline. (see sample below).


The hood is to be worn on top of the gown and over the shoulders, with the coloured lining slightly turned out and draped at the back. Please click here for the width of the edge.



360° Dress Demo



Bachelor’s Degree
Discipline Colour of Hood Lining and Edging Sample
Arts Blue hood lining and edging
Arts and Science Blue hood lining edged with Mauve
Business Administration Orange hood lining and edging
Engineering Yellow hood lining and edging
Laws / Juris Doctor Old Gold hood lining and edging
Science Mauve hood lining and edging
Social Sciences Dark Green hood lining and edging