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Get Academic Dress

All graduates are required to wear academic dress when attending the Graduation Ceremony. Casual wear items like jeans and sneakers should be avoided.

The academic dress must comply with the University's academic dress designVictoria Uniform is the approved academic dress supplier of the University. For graduates attending the College / School Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019 in March 2020, on-line requests can be made at the supplier's website between 28 February to 30 March 2020.

Graduates of Research and Professional Doctorate programmes, please refer to the information given separately by the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies for details of academic dress rental arrangement.

Graduates must get their academic dress before joining the ceremonies. No academic dress rental/loan services will be provided on-spot.


CityU Academic Dress Design

Academic Dress Rental Service (for UG and TPg graduates)