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Tickets & Seating Arrangement

  1. Can I get more guest tickets?
    For University-wide Congregation:

    More guest tickets may be arranged depending on the attendance of Congregation sessions confirmed in mid-November 2018. Send us email if you would like to request for more guest tickets:


    For College/School Graduation Ceremony:

    Each graduate may only obtain a maximum of 2 guest tickets (or as determined by your College/School).

  2. Will there be enough seats in the Hall for all guests?

    Guest seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis, despite we expect most of the guests will be able to sit in the Hall. In the event that guest seats in the Hall are fully occupied, guests will be directed to watch live broadcast.

  3. Will graduates sit with their guests in the Hall?

    No, seats for graduates and guests are designated at different areas of the Hall.

  4. Will small children be admitted to the Hall?

    Children are welcome in principle, but should be closely supervised by an adult to avoid causing disturbance to the ceremony. The child should be brought outside the venue in case he/she causes any disturbance to the ceremony. Children over 2 years old will require tickets to enter the venue.

  5. Will there be any special arrangements for guests who have special needs, such as wheelchair-bound?

    Yes, we can make special arrangement for guests and graduates as well who have special needs. Please indicate your special request when confirming attendance via AIMS.