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Academic Dress

  1. I would like to buy my own set of academic dress. Where can I buy it?

    Please contact the following University's approved supplier directly: 

    Victoria Uniform
    General Enquiry: +852 3118 4396/ +852 3105 5009 
    Email: info@victoriauniform.com 
    For the locations of the Supplier's outlets, please click here.

  2. I am a graduate living overseas. I cannot collect the academic dress before the day of the Graduation Ceremony or find a representative to do it for me. What should I do?

    Graduates must get their academic dress before joining the ceremonies. No academic dress rental/loan services will be provided on-spot. Please contact the Supplier at +852 3118 4396/ +852 3105 5009 or email to info@victoriauniform.com to see if alternative arrangements can be made for you.

  3. Can I buy an honour cord from the academic dress Supplier?

    No. Honour cords are not for sale. Only graduates of undergraduate degrees who are awarded a First Class honour or Distinction can wear the honour cord during the Graduation Ceremony. 

  4. What is the dress code for attending the Graduation Ceremony?

    The Graduation Ceremony is a solemn event. Casual wear items like sneakers, jeans or sandals should be avoided.

  5. I am going to rent the academic dress on 1 April 2020. Should I return it by 14 April 2020 so as to enjoy the free rental sponsorship?

    No. The free rental period refers to the 14 calendar days between 4 March and 5 April 2020. You are required to pay for an extended rental fee if you return the academic dress after 5 April 2020 or beyond the prescribed 14 calendar days' free rental period.  

  6. I return the academic dress on 6 April 2020. Am I only liable for the extended rental fee for one more day?

    No, extended rental period is counted on a 7 calendar day basis. It will be counted as a 7 days period even you return the academic dress on 6 April 2020.